Friday 4 November 2011

Life in Black and White: The Atlantic Documentary on Crosswords

What is common to a piano restorer, a marine biologist working with penguins, and a crossword setter?
All of them work in black and white.

On that premise, The Atlantic has published a series of documentaries featuring people whose work revolves around two-shade monochrome. The documentaries are beautifully filmed in black and white (what else), with interviews intercut with close-up montage shots.

Andrea Carla Michaels, a crossword setter for New York Times, is featured in the 2:35min film on creating crosswords. I love the crossword setter's response to the question: "How long does it take to make a puzzle?". I also love the cushion cover on her chair.

View the video:

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1 comment

Chaturvasi said...

Generally true.

However, decades ago I have seen a crossword with colour blocks.

The UK tabloid Weekend (stray copies of which I would pick up from a famous waste-paper mart near my home) used to carry a crossword that (if I remember correctly) carried no numbers in cells. The end or the beginning of a light depended on variation in shades of blocks.

Does any other reader here remember?