Wednesday 1 October 2008

“Computer” Words In Crosswords

computer-crossword IT jargon is no longer obscure. A few years ago, words like 'rebooting' or 'USB' might have drawn blank stares. These words are part of everyday vocabulary now.

Crosswords reflect this change, with inclusion of words from the field of computers. Here's a compilation of clues in which the solution or the wordplay relates to computers.


Fish out OS and dismiss? (5) E{XP}EL

Language of the graduates in charge (5) BAs IC

From memory, a fancy fellow comes fast (7) RAM A DAN

Part of a computer printer: if blank, it is useless (9) CARTRIDGE [2]

Computer accessory badly trips learner (5,7) LASER PRINTER*

A hundred rolls go down the computer screen (6) S{C}ROLL

Funny computer programs? (3-6) ONE-LINERS

Computer accessory for important directors (8) KEY BOARD

A record that may be hard with the computer (4) DISC [2]

Computer accessory for transmitting a poem between the borders of Mizoram (5) M{ODE}M

Putin processed information fed into a computer (5) INPUT*

Computer that could eliminate a port within (6) L{A PT}OP

Big computer puts mother in the picture (9) MA IN FRAME


Lessons to be learnt from soccer cup tie men disrupted (8,7) COMPUTER SCIENCE*

Push in, holding Escape key on computer going down (7) D{ESC}ENT

Times 24078: At the office computer, not working, affected by single crack (13) CYBERSLACKING*

Times 24107: Fancy game and hope website shows it from kickoff? (4,4) HOME PAGE*

Times 24245: Player out with fracture prepared comeback (9) AUTOREPLY*

Guardian 24101: Search force in Humberside port (6) GOO{G}LE

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