Tuesday 11 November 2008

Baiting With The Carrot

carrot-cryptic-clueCARROT in cryptic crosswords is rarely the vegetable. It is more the lure, the promise of reward (as in "To garner votes, the party  held out the carrot of massive loan waivers.").

After BARNACLE of yesterday, here's CARROT - used by The Hindu and The Times in the same sense on the same day.

Times 24068: Resent being forced to eat little carrot (9) S{WEE}TENER*
THC 9375: Unfit titan cracks rod as a disciplinary measure (6,3,5) CARROT AND STICK*

...and here are more carrots from the archives.

THC 8290: Dangling the carrot? (8) TEMPTING [CD]
THC 8258: It goes with the stick in motivation (6) CARROT [CD]
THC 8250: Edible root used as an incentive? (6) CARROT [CD]

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