Thursday 20 November 2008

Cricket And Cryptic Crosswords: Part II

After bowling references in crosswords, let's now look at how fielding features in the clues.


The terminology for fielding positions is full of words with alternate meanings unrelated to cricket. Slips can be errors or garments. The Third Man is a book by Graham Greene. A gully may be a ravine, and  fine leg a compliment to the human limb.

No surprise that fielding positions provide rich fodder for crossword clues.

THC 8450: Fielder providing very good support (4,3) FINE LEG

Times 20462: Turning obscured gate's position in field (9) MID<- WICKET
THC 8947: Fielder Tim runs back and holds wicked shot (9)  MI{DWICKE*}T<-

Times 23748: You can just make out something here by fielder (4,5) NEAR POINT [2]

ET 3340: Yearns to start practice in the field (4,4) {LONG S}TO P
Times 24076: Cricketer, say, succeeded intercepting return of ball (3,4) L{EG S}LIP<-

'cricket side' can be used to clue short sections of the solution - to mean OFF, ON or LEG.

THC 8202: Cricket side: the spinners turn up immediately (2,3,4) ON THE SPOT<-
THC 8826: Cricket side worker is rather casual (7) OFF HAND

If direct words like FIELDSMAN, FIELDER or WICKETKEEPER are part of the solution, the definition usually avoids making obvious reference to cricket. Consider these for example:

Times 23753: Maybe cover sore, initially inflamed horribly (9) FIELDSMAN*
Times 24006: Composer's servant who tries to minimize score (9) FIELD'S MAN

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