Friday 26 December 2008

The Hindu Crossword 9414

crossword-with-tea I enjoy the Indian touch that Gridman's puzzles have. There was HING in a charade clue yesterday and a chuckle-worthy cryptic definition today - "Tirupati hairdo?".

Gridman seems to favour cryptic definitions of late. THC9414 was high on cryptic definitions again (9 clues out of 30).

At first I took "It can be troubling government officials" to be a CD for CABINET, and was marvelling at the leeway taken in the definition. It struck me much later that this was an anagram.

2d was the last one to go in for me as I had been looking for a double-definition solution than a CD. With crossing letters it fell into place. ECLOGUE was an unfamiliar word but the wordplay helped.

Some nit-picking:
- French friend for AMI (5a and 24a) twice in the same puzzle - not too pretty!
- Is the plural form "OFF BEATS" correct? Shouldn't "Describing a policeman away from regular duties" still be "OFF BEAT"?

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