Wednesday 31 December 2008

The Hindu Crossword 9417

crossword-with-tea As is usual with M.Manna's puzzles, this one too had a mix of really good clues with imperfect ones. The solution definitions in particular don't seem satisfactory for some of the clues.

Take a closer look at those clues.

13a Told many around to see concealed place (8) CLOSETED*
CLOSETED is a verb/adjective, but its definition "concealed place" is for a noun - that could give CLOSET, not CLOSETED.

25a Tear away scorching with van (7) HOT HEAD
"scorching" = HOT and "van" = HEAD, but how is "tear" or "tear away" = HOTHEAD? A hothead can tear away in rage, but HOTHEAD is not the same thing as "tear away".

27d English drops out when you rise up to respectfully address (3) {-e}SIR<-
Another parts of speech inconsistency. SIR is a noun, but its definition is for a verb. "respectful address" could be a valid definition for SIR, not "respectfully address".

Update: The definitions I did like were:

  • "scored" for NOTATED (7d), for the way it is used to make one think of sport rather than music
  • "constant" for NON-STOP (2d), for the way it blends with "number" in the surface reading

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