Wednesday 24 December 2008

A Thought About Hidden Word Clues

Is it just me or does anyone else also feel uneasy about unused words in telescopic clues?

Take these clues from the last few issues of THC:

1. THC 9409: Ancient people some police nicely escort (5)
2. THC 9410: Man some feel I humbled (5)
3. THC 9411: Squandered moneyin ignoble ways (4)
4. THC 9412: Zulu regiment in scrimpiest outfit (4)

In 2 and 3, the solution spans across all the extra words (i.e. words other than the solution and indicator). In 1 and 3, the words "escort" and "outfit" don't contribute at all to the hidden word, they're just there to help with the surface reading.

2 and 3 are fine by me, 1 and 4 not so much.

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