Friday 2 January 2009

By-Lines For THC Compilers

The year 2008 saw a landmark change in The Hindu crossword. All these years, their compilers worked behind-the-scene. We solved their puzzles, made guesses about who and how many, but we were never sure.

That changed since September 2008. The Hindu began carrying the compiler's name along with their daily crossword. Given the vast variation in style and quality of the THC puzzles, I'd call this is a very positive development. A glance at the by-line gives you a pretty good idea about what to expect from the puzzle.

Vote For Your Favourite Crossword Compiler

Regular solvers would be quite familiar by now with each compiler's style. Do you have a favourite? Crossword Unclued is running a poll to let you vote for the compiler you like most. Do vote and voice your appreciation for the people who create the puzzles you enjoy so much!

voteTo vote:
Visit Mark your choice on the "Vote For Your Favourite!" poll available on the right sidebar. You can also add comments/feedback/reasons to support your choice after placing your vote.

The poll will run for 6 weeks after which results will be published. Cast your vote now!

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gridman rocks.