Tuesday 20 January 2009

The Hindu Crossword 9434

crossword-with-tea The first few clues put me off, so I didn't attempt this puzzle any further. My comments on the some of the clues:

7A Counteracting agent for a worker I endlessly showered with love (8) ANT I DOTE{-d}
Take the last bit of wordplay. DOTED comes from the same root as DOTE, so what is the point of the  deletion? It adds nothing to the cleverness of the clue, only increases its length. "Counteracting agent for a worker I shower with love" would be a cleaner way to write the same clue.

9A Handbook on physical labour (6) MANUAL [2]
Handbook is MANUAL all right, but physical labour is NOT! physical = MANUAL, physical labour = manual labour.

1D Shallow dishes have a dressing on the rear end side (7) SAUCE R S
Is "rear end side" grammatically correct? Is side = S? I'm not too sure.

2D Imposing manner of the holy man to be late at the end of the day (7) ST ATEL* Y
"Imposing manner" can define STATELINESS, not STATELY. And where is the anagram indicator for "late"?

It surprises me that The Hindu lets crosswords be published without proper verification. Leave aside careful consideration of each clue, even a cursory look at the clues shows gawky surface reading and semantic errors.

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