Monday 11 January 2010

Poll Result: Should Neyartha use fewer “GK words”?

Thanks to all who voted and spread the word about the poll: Should Neyartha use fewer "GK words" in The Hindu Crossword grid?

For those who came in late, this poll was set up on 7th Jan 2010 for Hindu Crossword solvers to say what they think of compiler Neyartha's use of scholarly themes and obscure words.

It's now time to declare the much-awaited result.

Result Announcement

A total of 90 votes were cast. The findings:


  • 80% want Neyartha to use more accessible words
  • 18% do not mind the specialist trivia, but want fair clues
  • 2% are happy with status quo


View the poll result online here.

This may or may not be an accurate representation of the opinion of all The Hindu Crossword solvers, but like all such studies, we extrapolate the results from a subsection to reach an estimate.

What Next?

Neyartha has responded on the blog in the past (link: THC 9639), and comes across as a compiler who cares about solvers' feedback, so I hope he reads this and takes our views into consideration.

Neyartha clearly has a flair for themed grid fills; it'd be great if he would choose themes more entertaining to the ordinary solver. A detailed post tomorrow with further thoughts on crossword themes.

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Vinod Raman said...

His clues could also do with fairer connectors (e.g. avoid the use of by/with to connect the definition and subsidiary indication), sounder anagram indicators (e.g. use of imperative verbs as AGI's where required), more creative homophone indicators (there've been too many 'auditors' of late) and of course, a bit of humour. There's no doubt that Neyartha is a talented compiler who puts in a lot of hard work into his grids. With just a little tweaking here and there, I believe he can become a more entertaining setter. In fact, as a well-wisher, I'd like to invite him to join these Clue-Writing Contests - and, and experience what just being here and sampling some of the world's best cluers' clues can do to his cluing talent.

Neyartha said...


Thanks for your feedback. I will keep your comments in mind while framing future crosswords.


Thanks for taking the efforts to canvass the opinions of the solving public. I will do my best to make future crosswords enjoyable for a majority of the solvers :)

Shuchi said...

Thank you Neyartha. What a pleasure it is to have you talk with us directly :)