Monday 8 February 2010

Best Crossword Guides Online

Best Cryptic Crossword Solving Guides


Recommendations for cryptic crossword solving guides on the net.

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Theresa Cunningham's Cryptic Crossword Guide Theresa's Guide to Solving Cryptic Crosswords
This is a brief guide to the basic clue types, written in an easy style with simple examples to illustrate each clue type. A good starting point if you're very new to the game. Also includes a 6x6 practice puzzle.
Big Dave's Little Guide to Cryptic Crosswords Big Dave’s Little Guide To Cryptic Crosswords 
Big Dave's guide covers a lot of ground including clue types, miscellaneous constructs and a glossary of crossword terminology. A section called The Mine has useful information on wordplay components and standard crossword abbreviations.
Peter Biddlecombe's Cryptic Crossword Corner YAGCC
Unassumingly named Yet Another Guide to Cryptic Crosswords, Peter Biddlecombe's site is a must-read for any cryptic crossword enthusiast. I particularly like his solving tips and thoughts on what makes crosswords bad.
Anax's Cryptic Crossword Guide UKPuzzle Crossword Guide
This guide by Anax, a setter for Times and Independent, has information of interest to both solvers and setters. Other than notes about cryptic clue types (with quite brilliant clues as examples), it also talks about setting style, fairness and grids. This guide is best appreciated if you already have a little introduction to cryptic crosswords.

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