Monday 28 June 2010

Maddy's Crossword On Alberich's Site

Alberich Crosswords: Puzzle by Maddy

Regulars on the Orkut crossword forums will know Anish Madhavan (Maddy), an ace crossword solver and hobbyist setter.

A crossword set by him is currently featured on Alberich's site, which hosts guest puzzles of excellent quality. Congrats, Maddy, for making it there! I thought this was a very fine, entertaining and quite challenging puzzle. Agree with Alberich in the compliments for 7D and 19D, I also liked 27A very much.

Maddy would like you to solve his crossword and give him feedback. Check out his crossword, the link is:

Puzzle by Maddy

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maddy said...

Shuchi, Very many thanks for the kind words.Like I told you before, your recommendations can do for a crossword what Michelin stars can for restaurants and five stars from Roger Ebert can for movies :)

Shuchi said...

LOL maddy. Thoda zyada ho gaya :) I hope it does get you more solvers :)