Sunday 8 August 2010

Crossword Unclued Turns Two

crosswordunclued-second-anniv Today, Crossword Unclued celebrates in second birthday - I took the plunge into blogging with Tackling Cryptic Crosswords: 7-Step Guide For Beginners on 8th August 2008. It has been a fantastic journey since then. We are 216 articles strong at this time and I enjoy every minute of writing here.

Thanks a lot to you for reading and engaging with this blog, and to crossword creators for giving me plenty of fodder to write about.

The Last Twelve Months: A Brief Look

The last year carried several articles about the cryptic crossword grid, of which the ones on Ninas and pangrammatic grids are the most popular. There were 20 articles about cryptic word associations like posh = U and enemy = time, 15 articles on wordplay devices such as D by E and false capitalization, the setting styles of Hindu Crossword compilers (1, 2, 3), opinion polls (1, 2) and book reviews (1, 2).

We also had guest articles by setter Tony Le, on the art of crafting good anagrams, and by Chaturvasi, on creating and filling a crossword grid.

Crossword Unclued was mentioned in The Hindu in Feb 2010 and there was even an interview at The Hindu Crossword Corner :)

Visitors: Facts & Figures

53% of our daily visitors come through Google search. The most popular search terms are "cryptic crosswords for beginners", "crossword aids" and (curiously!) "abaci summers". The highest-ranking proper noun in search terms is "Nita Jaggi"; occasionally a stray visitor comes looking the true identities of Gridman, Neyartha, and even "real name shuchi crossword". Some frustrated solvers land here with search terms like "how long before I can solve times uk crossword" – I hope they find some encouragement on Crossword Unclued.

We get 3000+ visits and 7000+ page views per month.

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My Favourites Most Commented On

Special thanks to the top commenters on the site in the last year – Chaturvasi, Vasana, maddy and veer.

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Ramani said...

Congrats Suchi

Rajani said...

Congratulations to you and all the readers :-) You rightly said, it has been a fantastic journey and I bet, the same applies to all the readers of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday C U !

maddy said...

Hi Shuchi,

Many many congrats on this remarkable feat. May you go from strength to strength. It is apposite that we are celebrating this b'day of C U on the very day a few intrepid crossword lovers are meeting up in Chennai.

I share a special bond with this site as my crossword journey almost parallels with it. I started solving cryptics on a regular basis sometime in Oct - Nov '08 and discovered CU almost around the same time. Since then its been an inseparable bond. Thank you for all the good times :)

rajuumamaheswar said...

Congrats Schuchi!!

Here's wishing you more wordpower to your grid and may we grow from word to word , breaking all gridlocks.

Spread the word across on crosswords.

Raju Umamaheswar

Krishnan said...

Congrats Suchi, more power to you.

Balaji said...

Congratulations Suchi and to C U. I have only been a recent follower but I enjoy every one of your articles. Keep up the good work.

vasanth said...

HB! amglad to have found this site.To conclued umclued to unclued !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Keep up the good work Suchi. It's an enjoyable experience reading the posts.

veer said...

Congratulations, Shuchi for channelling the creative juices that make this a very engaging blog. As I get more familiar with my own limitations as a solver and very amateur setter, your site has certainly helped move those limits further out and expand my horizon just that bit more. Thank you.

dram said...

Congratulations and many thanks Shuchi. I haven't commente much but I've read your blog avidly ever since I discovered it a few months ago. It's an absolute gem and your crossword knowledge bowls me over.

Col_Gopinath said...

Hi Shuchi,
Belated congratulations to you and C U. I am the fortunate one who got to interview you and feature the same on my blog.

Shuchi said...

Hello Everyone

Thanks a lot for your kind words and good wishes.

Anonymous said...

May you have many more heliocentric revolutions. All the best.

SandhyaP said...

Congrats for a great site!