Tuesday 12 October 2010

Flavours Of Saki

saki-munro When you hear the word "Saki", what comes to your mind? For many of us, the most natural association of the word is with British author H.H. Munro who used it as his pen name.

A clue with this meaning of Saki:

Times 23583: Horse a satirical author used to reach Japanese port (8) NAGASAKI
NAG (horse) A SAKI (satirical author)

You might come across a couple of other meanings of the word in crosswords. This clue from last Friday's FT taught me a new one:

FT 13511 (Cincinnus): Badger with a monkey in Kyushu city (8) NAGASAKI
NAG (badger) A SAKI (monkey)

Sakis are small monkeys found in South America.

Finally, Saki is an alternate spelling for the Japanese drink sake. Not a common way to spell the word but Chambers lists it, so it is fair game:

Times Sunday 4220: Hack given one alcoholic drink - Japanese port (8) NAGASAKI
NAG (hack) A (one) SAKI (alcoholic drink)

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Amrith said...

Great post!
Brings back memories of my school days when we had this wonderful story by Saki caleld 'The open window'. An absolute must-read. Even after all these years, I distinctly remember the last sentence - 'Romance at short notice, was her speciality.' Brilliant!


Shuchi said...

Thanks, Amrith. I read that too in school. 'Dusk' was another.