Friday 29 October 2010

Good News For Mint Crossword Solvers

wordview-mint-crossword-xwordclub XWordClub, which has so far been home to The Hindustan Times crossword solutions, will now also host collaborative solving for the Mint crossword.

Today's Mint clue-sheet is up - please head over to XWordClub and post your answers to Mint Wordview#26, set by Tony Sebastian.

How to post answers: Click on a clue. A textbox will appear. Put your answer in with annotation and any other comments, and save. There is no max limit - you can answer as many clues as you wish.

Everyone's answers remain hidden during the day. After 8PM India time, all answers get displayed. When many solvers participate, this gives a good measure of the difficulty of individual clues. Detailed posting help is here.

For futher questions about using the forum, please contact @XWordClub on twitter or drop a mail to admin [at] xwordclub [dot] com. Enjoy solving!

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1 comment

Vinod Raman said...

Shuchi & Badri, thanks a lot!