Saturday 2 October 2010

A Round-Up Of GANDHI Clues

mahatma-gandhi What better way to observe Gandhi Jayanti than by sharing this lovely cryptic definition with you all:

Times Jumbo 805: Indian spinner who played leading role in getting England out (6)

Another fine &lit:

Times 24285: Good and primarily humane leader of Indians (6)

More GANDHI clues:

Telegraph Toughie 400 (Notabilis): Hindu campaigner heading for shake-up after ousting English (6)
Guardian 24619 (Gordius): Nationalist who was good with greeting (6)
DT 26058: Great Asian nationalist died helping India, initially (6)
DT 26079: Some brigand hired to get national leader (6)

Any good ones you know?

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Anonymous said...

Loved the pun on spinner and getting England out.

Shuchi said...

Hi Kishore

That was my favourite too.

Anonymous said...

There was this clue in TOI in late 70s.

The greatest spinner of India (7,6)