Wednesday 25 May 2011

UK Crossword Clues You Would Probably Not See in an Indian Crossword

uk-cryptic-crossword Check out these clues from this month's crosswords in the Guardian and the Financial Times:

Guardian 25320 (Brendan): Asian type somehow making his mark on India (8) KASHMIRI
KASHMIR, an anagram (somehow making) of HIS MARK + I (India)

FT 13698 (Bradman): Elite Hindu place following revolutionary conflict (6) RAJPUT
PUT (place) after JAR (conflict) reversed

Both clues make India-related references and yet, I'd be surprised if a crossword created in India used those definitions.

Can you think of more such clues?

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SandhyaP said...

22 See his sculpted, semi-naked Hindu deity (6) {V}{ISH*}{NU(-de)}

This appeared in today's The Hindustan Times (old Times crossword)

Shuchi said...

Thank you Sandhya. Another clue I remember partially - this was by Viking in the FT, it defined POORI as "spicy concoction".

I wrote on 15sqd that a POORI is not generally spicy though its accompaniments can be, but Viking clarified that Chambers supports this definition.

This makes me think of how words change meaning/spelling when they shift languages. Why go far - our local CHAPATI/CHAPATHI comes to mind.

SandhyaP said...

Adding two more from today's HT 22994(old Times crossword):

Dagger hung in odd positions before a god (7) {KRIS}{HN}{A}

Hindu teacher whirled in front of one (5) {SWAM}{I}

Shuchi said...

Hi Sandhya, the Times crossword seems to have carried many Hindi words in those days! Thanks for those clues. But aren't they more apt for this list than here? The two clues could as well appear in an Indian crossword without raising any eyebrows, couldn't they?

SandhyaP said...

You are right Shuchi - I posted the clues forgetting the actual topic!