Monday 12 December 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Crossword Buff

Pick a gift for yourself or your favourite crossword fan this Christmas. Some crossword-themed knickknacks and books for you to choose from, listed below. There's an attractive discount running on the Chambers Crossword Lover's Dictionary Set on Amazon UK – regular price £70.00, being sold currently for £27.49.

[Amazon will give me a 4% referral fee if you buy through a link on my page. The price for you will remain the same.]

Also consider this unique set of twelve 3D crosswords created by some of the best crossword compilers from UK. Money from your purchase goes to BBC CiNA and RNIB.


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jvector said...

I'd love to click through to Amazon from your page ... but I don't see a link? :-(

Shuchi said...

Hi JVector, Do you have iframes display off on the browser? Did you read the post from within an RSS reader/email client? Please check if going directly to the blog makes the links show up for you.

Shuchi said...

Hi again JVector, I have removed the use of iframes. I hope the links are visible now. Let me know.

jvector said...

Hey Shuchi, that makes a B.I.G difference! :) I am using Chrome browser, I don't know if maybe it has an issue with iframes. I have not seen any control for iframes in the browser config.