Friday 17 February 2012

15 Crossword Tweeters You Should Know About

twitter#followfriday is a twitter tradition of suggesting interesting people to follow on twitter. Posting a long version of it on my blog this Friday. I hope this inspires some of you who aren't on twitter, to now become a part of it.

Before I joined twitter, I thought of it as a place where celebrities made controversial remarks and the rest wrote mundane details of their personal lives. I thought it wasn't for me. It is only after joining that I've realised this: like on the rest of the web, twitter is what you want it to be. I tweet about crosswords, follow people whose tweets relate to my interests, and absolutely love it. Twitter introduced me to many crossword enthusiasts I might not have known otherwise. Thanks to Tony for getting me to join.

My recommendations for twitter accounts of crossword-related people.

Crossword Setters, Editors

image @anaxcrosswords Dean Mayer aka Anax/Loroso/Elkamere. Cryptic crossword setter for The Times, Independent, Telegraph, FT and Sunday Times.
image @BoatmanCryptics Ashley aka Boatman. Guardian crossword setter.
image @crypticpaul John Halpern. Crossword setter for The Guardian, Financial Times, The Times & The Independent.
image @diogeneb Crossword setter for The Hindu (Textrous) and Mint.
image @eimi_indy Mike Hutchinson. Crossword editor of The Independent, for which he also sets as Eimi.
image @Mickhodgkin  Mick Hodgkin aka crossword setter Morph/Micawber.
image @notytony Tony Sebastian. Crossword setter for The Hindu (Cryptonyte) and Mint.
image @obel David Tossman. Crossword setter for the New Zealand Listener.
image @Will_Shortz Will Shortz. Crossword editor, The New York Times.

For cryptic clues on twitter:

image @aclueaday Clues by a crossword setter from Newport.
image @sancryptic Clues by hobbyist setter Sanjeev Vaidyanathan.

Crossword Bloggers, Webmasters

image @alanconnor Alan Connor. Blogger on the Guardian Crossword blog.
image @dzharrison Derek Harrison of The Crossword Centre.
image @mhl20 Mark Longair. Blogger on Fifteensquared.
image @tilsit Dave Tilley. Blogger on Big Dave's Crossword blog.

Crossword Super Solvers

A growing list of crossword enthusiasts who participate in twitter conversations about cryptic crosswords and solve cryptic clues with amazing speed. Follow the list: Crossword Super Solvers.

Know of crossword tweeters not listed here? You're welcome to add your suggestions in the comments.

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