Wednesday 8 August 2012

Crossword Unclued turns four

4th-birthday Four years! 8th August 2008 was the day the first post [Tackling cryptic crosswords: 7 step guide for beginners] was published on Crossword Unclued. On the blog's birthday I usually take stock of notable events of the past year - this time I also went through the Archive and made interesting discoveries about the site, and my personal journey with crosswords, since 2008.

What has changed in four years?

When I started blogging, I solved the crosswords in the Economic Times, New Indian Express, The Hindu, occasionally the UK papers. Now it is the other way round, and the clues used as examples in my posts reflect that change.

There has also been a slight shift in my thoughts on good and bad wordplay in cryptic crosswords. I am more receptive to indirect definitions such as unindicated D-by-E, less tolerant of superfluous link words. If I write about "About" today, I would surely mention that #7 is not a great use of the word.

The early blog posts had many short, quickly composed entries. Those updates have now moved to twitter and Facebook: Crossword Unclued.

The Last Twelve Months: A Brief Look

The interview posts – Roger Squires and the new setters of The Hindu Crossword – were the highlights of the year. They were also among those rare posts that my non-crossword friends read and enjoyed.

March 2012 was an excellent month for the blog. For one, Anax shared this lovely crossword specially created for Crossword Unclued. Soon after, on the morning of 21th March 2012, I checked Sitemeter and wondered if it had broken. It turned out that those additional couple of thousands of visitors were from a link on This was the best-ever time in terms of traffic, thanks to their link.

Popular posts on social media

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Cryptonyte's special crossword (Tony Sebastian continues to attract the max FB shares. In 2011 the top-shared post was his interview.)

New navigation pages

New navigation pages were added this year to help you find your way around the site easily.

A listing of ALL the posts on Crossword Unclued, organized month-wise.
A compendium of interviews with crossword personalities - expert solvers and setters.

Crossword Unclued has been a constant source of joy for me. Thank you very much for reading and for making blogging so much fun.

Special thanks to my top referrers: THCC, Big Dave's Blog, fifteensquared, @sancryptic, amrith10, @ya_sree.

Past Birthdays:

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Anonymous said...


All the best for the fif'

Krishnan said...

Great going Shuchi....your site is cruciverbalist's delight.

ranger said...

Congratulations Shuchi, May your brainchild grow stronger. God bless.


A.Janak said...

May this blog continue for many more years to come!! Congrats!!!

Raghunath said...

May you celebrate many more anniversaries!

Shyam said...

Congrats Shuchi. You should think about compiling the posts into a book soon :)

Priya Sreeram said...

wishing you many more happy milestones !

dr.r.pankajam said...

Congrats!You are doing a great job.keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Glad to learn that you are now four,
May your popularity always soar,
You are a really bright spark of light,
In the world of squares, black and white,
Wish you all the best forever and more.

BTW, CU in my previous post is both
Crossword Unclued and See You

Venkatesh said...

Hearty felicitations on the anniversary of this delightful and informative blog.

Lakshmi Vaidyanathan said...

Congrats Suchi!

Abhi said...

Good job! A very informative blog.

Shuchi said...

Thanks a lot for your good wishes and encouragement, everyone.

@Kishore: You will have to give another hint to help me understand VI< VA of your first comment!

Anonymous said...

VIVA as in "long live"
VI< is IV, the number of years
VA as in Vixit Annos, ie. He lived... years

so it turns out: 4 years he lived...

but on second thoughts, a better anno would be

V (IV) A, VIXIT IV ANNOS, He lived 4 years.

and this is no way to be construed as a statement in the perfect past tense, rather please take in the sense, He has lived 4 years.

Please excuse gender bias ;-)

Deepak Gopinath said...

Congrats Shuchi, I also second Shyams view.

Anonymous said...

I first it!

Richard said...

Hi Shuchi, I too support the idea of your bringing out a book. We were talking about it last Sunday. If put to poll, there could be a landslide in favour of the suggestion.