Tuesday 5 February 2013

And the Contest Winner is…

crossword-unclued-contest-win Thank you for your excellent response to the Solve Three Clues and Win a Gift Voucher contest. Some of you have been asking about the answers, sorry I couldn't give any hints this time! I hope you enjoyed mulling over the clues even if you didn't solve all of them.

It is now time to end the suspense and announce the result – the answers, and the winner's name.

The Answers
Candid love note (4) OPEN
O (love) PEN (note, verb); definition: candid
Small bag or small neat bags (5) PURSE
PURE (neat) bags i.e. contains S (small); definition: small bag
Connects phone call interrupting routes (7)STRINGS
RING (phone call) interrupting STs (short for streets i.e. routes); definition: connects

Those Who Got Them All

The contest received 16 all-correct entries. Applause for all of you who cracked it:

Bhalchandra Pasupathy
Big Dave
Tony Sebastian
Lakshmi Mohan
David Stickley
Lakshmi Vaidyanathan
Carrie Niziolek
Nadathur Rajan
Gary Jones
Sanjeev Vaidyanathan

One opted out of the draw, many tweeted and got a double entry. Since this was not a very easy contest, I've been lenient with the rules. If you posted your answers in one comment and followed it up with a correction in another, I have accepted the correction. If you missed mentioning your tweet in the comment but I happened to see it and remember it, I have considered it for the draw.

In all, 22 entries went into the draw to pick the winner. The draw was done with random.org.

And The Lucky Winner Is…

Albatross (Abhay Prasanna)


The winning entry:


Watch the action live in this video (if your reader/email client does not display the video, visit the blog):

Abhay, please write to me with your choice of gift voucher and I'll send it right away. 

Thanks to www.CupoNation.in for sponsoring the prize. You might want to check out their book discounts on Indian e-stores. And to @diogeneb for test-solving the contest clues. [He got them all within minutes.]

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Lakshmi Vaidyanathan said...

Congratulations Abhay Prasanna!

Albatross said...

Thank you! :D

Albatross said...

Got my $25 Amazon US gift card! Thanks Shuchi!

Bhavan said...

Congratulations to the winner - ironically an albatross for the rest of us :)

Raghunath said...

Congratulations to Albatross!