Sunday 30 November 2014

Some Offbeat Crossword-Themed Gift Ideas

When you look for a crossword-themed gift, you probably pick a crossword book. That's a fine choice, one you can't go much wrong with - but if you want to try something unconventional, here are a few interesting options.

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Unknown said...

... and, for the ultimate crossword gift, don't forget that you can commission a completely original cryptic crossword, brimming with references to your loved one and his or her interests at - prices start at £100

Unknown said...

... or you could give your loved one a place on a one-day Crossword Masterclass with Boatman, joining a small group of aspiring setters to learn about the techniques, practice and profession of compiling - £150 for the day, including lunch, drinks and snacks.

Shuchi said...

Thanks for those suggestions, Boatman :-)