Sunday 21 September 2008

A Peek At The Peak


The word EVEREST lends itself easily to the charade break-up EVE REST. No surprise that this clueing style has been used for the word in various publications.

Times Sunday Crossword 4295: Girl takes a break on mountain (7)
Times Sunday Crossword 4282: First mate leads others to the peak (7)

THC 8975: Height of ambition for a leading lady and the others (7)
THC 8847: Girl joins the others on top of the world (7)

Guardian 24459: Highest ambition of first lady remains (7)

Another charade but with a different word split:

Economic Times 3481: Always set out for the highest point (7) EVER EST*

Suggestions for clueing this word differently? Post them in the comments section.

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Chaturvasi said...

Don't begin to venerate the saint's peak (7)

Lakshmi Vaidyanathan said...

ET 5173 Chennai
High point reached by the woman before others(7)