Thursday 18 September 2008

Hindi Words In UK Crosswords

A compilation of clues from The Guardian, The Times and The Financial Times, for which the answers are words of Hindi origin or related to India.


Sorry to dishearten Hindu holy man (5) SAD H{-ind}U

Fate of Kurdish leader is settled (6) K IS MET

Piece for piano - a composition by Indian? (4) RAG A

Henry’s against, for instance, sweetmeats (6) HAL V AS

Political group in India previously getting together with Italian one (6) SAM IT I

Fool preceding PM in Indian state (5) ASS AM

Place showing prosperity these days, although having trouble in eighteen fifty even (7) LUCK NOW

Girl no longer current (4) ANNA [2]

Butter pudding he eagerly gulps (4) GHEE [T]

Exotic island adopts English language (7) B{ENG}ALI

Travel area (in India)(3) GO A

Guardian 24521: I suffer from this in Indian city (6) MY SORE

Times Sunday 4298: The Parisian hit out with truncheon (5) LA THI*

Guardian 24532: Portion of butter one served with tea bread (7) CHA PAT I

Azed 1900: Denmark welcomes old German league relating to Gujerati course (7) D{HANSA}K

FT 12929: Portrait artist depicts Indian dish (5) RAITA [T]

Times 24100: Believed anticlericalism's part of one religion's philosophy (8) VEDANTIC [T]

Guardian 24626: Extract and heat a black instrument (5) TABLA [T]

Guardian 24661: Among Indians, a rich, traditional garment (4) SARI [T]

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Chaturvasi said...

A pucca compilation that deserves wah,wah!
A similar list of Indian words in THC could be revealing.

Raju Umamaheswar said...

Dear Suchi,

Ya, indeed, I have come across clues with answers like Tandoor, Balti, Angiti (these are the names of Indian Or Pakistani restaurantsin the U.K ) Kurma,Lalsharab, Memsahib, Koi Hai? , and of course, the Tamil word for Milagu tannner, Mulgatawney, Kattumaram--catamaran , just to name a few.

These are mainly in the Times, of London whose compilers I find to be the fairest and more challenging. Not with them, those horrible mind-benders that defy any logic or lateral thinking.
I shall now add on to these as I go along with the London papers' cryptic crosswords, clippings of which I have very many. Incidentally, have you ever tried those giant crosswords of the Times or the Daliy Telegraph? I have quite a few of them to be attacked ona rainy and murky day, when I will hacve nowhere to go to .!! How do I share them with all of you?

How about an exhibition of crossword memorabilia?

Did I digress, already?

Raju Umamaheswar

Shuchi said...

Hi Raju

Thanks - the other words are listed in standard English dictionaries, but I'm very surprised to know that 'Koi Hai' appeared in an English crossword. Remember the clue by any chance?

Agree fully with your praise for the Times.

I've tried the Times Jumbo sometimes. Never done the Daily Telegraph.

By the way, you might want to exchange notes and experiences with Chaturvasi, author of the 1st comment here, who is also a prolific solver with decades of crossword experience.

OK if I share your email ids with each other?