Thursday 18 September 2008

THC Choice Word: RAITA

The word 'RAITA' occurs frequently on the Hindu crossword. Here are some ways in which it has been clued in crosswords published in the past few months:

Anagram: Indian dish, one Tara cooked (5) RAITA*

Telescopic: The dish for some distrait anglers (5) RAITA [T]

Charade+Container: Deserter stuffs one with a dish from India (5) RA{I}T A

Charade+Container: I, in desert, get a yogurt dish (5) RA{I}T A

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1 comment

Chaturvasi said...

Re that telescopic clue: The dish for some distrait anglers (5) Who are 'distrait anglers"? Shouldn't it be 'distraught anglers'? If yes, the clue won't work.