Tuesday 3 February 2009

Interviews With Ace Solvers

interviews-with-crossword-solversSolvers who are new to cryptic crosswords often go through an initial phase of extreme exasperation. I receive mails that say – we know all the crossword theory, but we still don't seem to be going anywhere with the solving. How do some people fill up the grid in a matter of minutes? What is their secret?

So I thought, why not talk to the experts and get to know their crossword story - did they struggle as much in the beginning, how long did it take them to reach where they are, what is their solving technique?

I am happy to have received very favourable response to my idea from some of the best solvers I know. I am sure that each of us reading their insights will find something to relate to or learn from.

Interviews with expert solvers will appear as a weekly series on this site, each Tuesday starting 3rd Feb 2009. To keep yourself updated of new content, subscribe to the feed or check Crossword Unclued each Tuesday this month.

Read The Interviews:

    Part I: Interview With Sridhar Shenoy
    Part II: Interview With Chaturvasi
    Part III: Interview With Vinod Raman
    Part IV: Interview With Ganesh TS
    Part V: Interview With Peter Biddlecombe
    Part VI: Interview With Deepak Gopinath

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