Tuesday 29 December 2009

2009: Year-End Round Up

As the year comes to a close, sharing with you the five most popular articles written in 2009 on Crossword Unclued. In case you're new here or have missed them earlier, do check them out.

Hope you are taking time off during the holiday week. Enjoy the festive season and have a great New Year! 

Top 5 Popular (Most-Read) Articles


Cryptic Crosswords A Threat To Criminal Justice?
A"research" which concludes that exposure to cryptic crosswords messes up one's ability to recognize people. This article was most viewed by readers from Twitter.


New York Times Election Day Crossword
A special crossword published in 1996 in the New York Times, which is evidently popular even now given the number of Google searches for it each day.


Seth Godin Defines Enormity
A linguistic faux pas by the business guru Seth Godin. An error that a cruciverbalist will never make.


Hindu Crossword Compilers: Your Views?
Lively discussion in the comments section about the Hindu crossword compilers. Most viewed by readers from India.


More Tips For Solving Cryptic Crosswords
Some tips to help you become a better solver. This article got me the most emailed responses.

A big thank you for reading!

What was your favourite Crossword Unclued post of 2009? Is there any specific topic you'd like me write about in 2010? Let me know, I'll try to plan an article around it. Please leave a comment or email any feedback/suggestions to me at [email]. Best wishes for the New Year once again!


Col_Gopinath said...

Hi Shuchi,
Happy New Year to you and keep up the good work.
Col Gopinath

anokha said...

Publish a book in 2010 based on your blog contents, Shuchi! I really hope you do and I'll look forward to it.

All the very best to you for a great 2010!