Wednesday 23 December 2009

How to track updates on Crossword Unclued

A quick reminder about the ways in which you can stay informed about new content on Crossword Unclued. If you like this site, sign up using your favourite option. Keep in touch!

Wish you a most enjoyable Yuletide and a very happy New Year 2010!

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Gives you instant updates and you can categorize and share posts. If you aren't familiar with RSS, see this 3-min video: RSS in Plain English.

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Sends an email newsletter within a day whenever new content is posted. 

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Snippets of new posts appear on CU's Facebook page. When you join, new post notifications will show up in your Facebook News Feed.

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New post links are shared through twitter @ShuchiU. I occasionally share other links/trivia of interest to cryptic crossword solvers, which I might not post about on the blog.

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Balram said...

Excellent video about RSS. I used to see the orange icon on blogs but never understood how to use RSS. Now I have set up Google Reader as my RSS reader and is the first blog to be subscribed in it. Happy New Year to you too.

Shuchi said...

Thanks Balram. The Common Craft people make great videos. More here.

We use the same reader, Google Reader is my choice too.

I'm happy you have signed-up :)