Saturday 14 August 2010

Hints to solve Mint Wordview 15

mint-crossword-wordview If you are a Mint crossword solver and held up for solutions, a few hints to help you complete it. Taking inspiration from Tim Moorey's guide, the definitions are italicized and indicators coloured.

If you are not a Mint crossword solver, try it – it's a good one. The latest crossword grid is here.


1 British leader buckling under pressure (6)
Charade with an anagram.

4 Still, one could be prowling the Himalayas (4)
Charade. A pretty obvious answer after you have identified the definition.

8 An advertisement lacking power and pull (3)

9 Skill mostly brings up what's outstanding (7)
Charade, with a small deletion from the first word.

10 One selling off assets left the pound with a riot brewing outside (10)
Charade and anagram and container. Easier to solve this from the definition and then fit the wordplay.

13 That which can be debated late, one big mess (10)

15 Cultured ova - live cells (7)

17 Some delayed a vote of consent in parliament (3)
Hidden word.

18 A legal document, one way or the other (4) 
Palindromic answer.

19 Home - home that's top notch (6)
Charade with three parts, the first two are synonyms for 'home' and the last is a single initial letter.


1 Cheque or draft for an act (4)
Double definition.

2 Students may have to endure this headless boast (7)
Deletion of a single letter.

3 Checking out a girl around the university, Latino perhaps (10)
Charade + anagram + container. Note that 'around' applies to 'Latino perhaps'.

5 Period musical with no opening piano (3)
Deletion. Two letters get deleted from a word for 'musical'.

6 Severely criticize one filling in for church guard (6)
Word for 'severely criticize' with a substitution.

7 What a dropout may never have (10)
A straight-ish CD.

11 Farming before a good term of produce (7)
Charade with four parts, the last three are single letters.

12 You and I would have to absorb bad debts without remuneration (6)
Container, including the contraction for 'would'.

14 Trap to snare a cow (4)
Container. Easy provided you know this.

16 Very nice, evenly composed contest (3)
Pick even letters.

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1 comment

Chaturvasi said...

Before Tim Moorey's guide, at least one other book has used type variation to indicate the various components of crossword clues.

It is The Express on Sunday Complete Guide to Cryptic Crosswords by J. A. Coleman (Brockhampton Press, 1994), one of the books in my collection.