Sunday 27 March 2011

DIY COW has moved – register at the new address

DIYCOW-Anax Anax's excellent clue-writing forum DIY COW has gone offline due to some error at the webhost's end.

Fortunately, in readiness for a planned shutdown of UKPuzzle later this year, Anax had already setup another website where the clue-writing contests could continue. The new DIY COW, for now, is here:

Please register at the new DIY COW to let Anax know that you're aware of the place and to get the latest news about the continuation of the forum. 

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1 comment

anax said...

Great news - it's back!

Huge thanks to you Shuchi for helping to spread the word. The alternative DIY COW blog will stay in place as a back-up. The mySQL serverside problem is evidently one that can crop up at any time, so the WP blog is a useful addition to the favourites just in case the phpBB version goes offline again.