Sunday 28 December 2008

The Times Squires

The same word on two consecutive days – how's that for coincidence!

From The Times Saturday Crossword 24107 published yesterday:
Squire, perhaps, left a number with something disappointing (9)

From The Times Sunday Crossword 4309 published today:
Squire's depressing experience after family lost head (9)

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xwd_fiend said...

The Times and Sunday Times are different newspapers, so their puzzles are edited by different people, and this will happen sometimes - like the same answer in the Times and Guardian puzzles on a particular day. I don't think you'd ever see the same answer on successive days in the Times puzzle.

Shuchi said... I called it a coincidence and not an oversight.

The Sunday Times is much easier isn't it? I used to think earlier that I fare better with it than the weekday puzzles, because I do it at home in a more conducive environment. Learnt soon that it's a different puzzle altogether.