Tuesday 7 December 2010

George Bush - President most panned

George-W-Bush American presidents have a potent presence in British cryptic crosswords. ABE is a standard charade piece. Obama has been a hit ever since the days of his presidential campaign. Carter shows up every now and then. But the American president most unflatteringly invoked, most played for laughs is George Bush.

Some clues that involve Bush in the wordplay or answer, enjoy solving:

Guardian 25008 (Arachne): Throw shoe! Bugger invaded Iraq! (6,4)

Guardian 24930 (Brendan): World leader, so-called (4)

Guardian 24548 (Arachne): Desperately spur Bush to make improvements (5-3)

Guardian 25067 (Araucaria): Doubt of ex-president losing article about … is it about love? (9) D_______Y

FT 13499 (Orense): Born to talk at length, without meaning - that's Bush (7) 

Guardian 24841 (Enigmatist): He buggers off having acquired nothing (6,4)

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Anonymous said...

A prez one should not beat about (4)

Anonymous said...

1. GEORGE BUSH* Shoe aptly used by setter/thrower?
2.BUSH ? Must be since it 4 letters long. But World leader, real or imagined...
4. With DY, must be something to do with Dubya-man.
5.B-RAMBLER, after Bramble in THC yesterday, this was easy

Somehow, 'bugger' seems to be a recurring theme. :-)

Chaturvasi said...

Stop in India for ultimately brash President (4)

Anonymous said...

A president finds short backward subject hot (4)

Like father, like son, the silent occupier of the White House (9,6,4)

Shuchi said...

Ex-president has no right to fight (4)

Anonymous said...

A shrub loses right, and remains confused a shrub, President ! (4)

anax said...

Name “always retarded” president (Bush) (5)

I must admit this might not get past an editor as you have to 'translate' a wordplay indicator - but it amused me anyway ;o)

Balaji said...

Great Post. "Throw shoe! Bugger invaded Iraq!" is the best for me on Dubya.

Shuchi said...

Thanks everyone.

@Kishore: I'll publish the answers after a few hours...for the pending ones:

2: "World" leader = W!
4: The definition is 'doubt'.

@anax: Haven't managed to solve your clue. Hint?

Anonymous said...

With your nudging:

2. W=Doubleyou=Dubya=Bush
4.DUB(I(O)USLY(-a), I thought first, but could not fit the entire anno and then settled on DUB(I(O)S IT)Y(-a)

I looked at some on-line anagrams of President Bush, President George Bush, George Bush etc. and found that the word 'bugger' in its various forms somehow predominantly appears !

Chaturvasi said...

Name “always retarded” president (Bush) (5) DUBYA

Name (v.)- DUB
“always - AY
retarded” - rev ind, so YA
president (Bush) - def

Shuchi said...

@CVasi: Thank you! And great clue!

Anonymous said...

One in hand worth two in the White House resident (4)

anax said...

...or if you want to be thrown off the scent a little:

Black American primarily hoping to be president (4)

Anonymous said...

That was cute, Anax. The red herring that aint red.

anax said...

Stupid president introducing sort of on/off independence (10) - U - - - O - - - -
Dubya welcomes Liberals? It’s not true! (8) - - L - - - - -
Unkind and corrupt, I am president (4-8) - - A - _ - - - - - I - -
Look, Bush is no fool! (10) - - - R - - - - - N

They might not all refer to the former genius, of course...

sanhelmet said...

Dubya welcomes Liberals? It’s not true! (8) - - L - - - - -

Unkind and corrupt, I am president (4-8) - - A - _ - - - - - I - -

Look, Bush is no fool! (10) - - - R - - - - - N

Shuchi said...

Stupid president introducing sort of on/off independence (10) BUFFOONISH

BUSH around (ON OFF I)*

Very nice clues, Anax.