Monday 22 February 2010

Cryptic Double-Definitions

cryptic-double-definition The cryptic double-definition (d&cd) clue type is a hybrid of the double definition (dd) and cryptic definition (cd) clue types. The clue has two definitions, with a twist - at least one of those definitions is cryptic.

Oinking tendency? (8) PENCHANT
Two definitions here - 'oinking' and 'tendency' - but unlike a regular dd clue, one of those definitions is a lateral one. 'Oinking' gives PEN CHANT, but that is not a dictionary meaning of the word.

d&cd Clue Characteristics

  • The 'cd' bit of the d&cd clue can be more lateral than a pure cryptic definition. As there is another half of the clue to help the solver derive the answer, setters take some creative liberties here.

    Times 24451: Somewhat swollen condition of female diving bird? (9) PUFFINESS
    The first definition 'somewhat swollen condition' is straight, the second 'female diving bird' is cryptic. PUFFIN is a diving bird, therefore PUFFIN-ESS is a 'female diving bird'.

  • The cryptic half of a d&cd clue need not be a standalone definition for the answer, unlike a pure dd clue in which both definitions can independently stand for the answer.

  • The cryptic part may be the first or the second definition in the clue. On crossword solving forums, the shorthand used is d&cd (where the cryptic definition appears second), or cd&d (where the cryptic definition appears first).

  • A d&cd clue usually (but not always) has a '?' in it. As with pure dd/cd clues, there is no other indicator for this clue type.

    Solve These!

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    FT 13215 (Falcon): Something added, or removed? (8)
    FT 13305 (Armonie): One has aspirations before the bid (9)

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